You are watching real traffic being directed in REAL-TIME to Mass Traffic App Member Sites All Over the World...

These aren't Doctored ClickBank Statements, Bogus Checks or Fake PayPal Statements... This is Cold, Hard Proof That You Are Moments Away From Printing Money...

GET The Only Artificial Intelligence Online App That Delivers Absolutely FREE, UNCONDITIONAL and UNLIMITED Traffic To Any Niche (or nano-niche!), For Any Product, At Any Time!

Our MT Group of Online-App Users

Are Generating a Total of:

(again, these are real-time stats!)

Unique Visitors

Note: Access detailed stats of users, countries, niches/nano-niches, last 24 hours
unique traffic and last month traffic by ==> Clicking Here <==


...conventional online money-making software becomes TOTALLY ABSOLETE. YES, TOTALLY ABSOLETE!

For the first time ever (ever = never developed before in Internet HISTORY... and we prove it with real-time stats), an online app erases EVERY footprint previously made by Internet marketers!

FREE traffic (transparent and audited)...


Please pay close attention: MTA Web-Based App users will never have to worry about (or deal with)...

  • Google Adwords campaigns
  • Getting slapped by Google's draconian policies geared towards home-based online marketers
  • Supposedly high performing Facebook advertising campaigns (if you've been online more than 2 days, you know that Facebook has become a tougher alternative for online marketers than any other advertising medium)
  • Mobile phone marketing. Maybe (and we stress the word maybe) in 5-10 years from now, mobile phone marketing will be a decent alternative for the average person with average starting capital of at least $2,000
  • Articles marketing. If you want to make less than a $1 a day (and we mean it because we tried that... not only tried it but we spent over 750 hours doing it!)... you are more than welcome to test any one of the hundreds of useless online courses teaching you how to make enough money to merely "get by"
  • Buying media. About 2 weeks ago, we saw a course that was selling for $1,997. Yes, ALMOST 2K! Supposedly, Mr X (we cannot expose his name for legal reasons) would, for almost a month's salary for most people reading his letter, give you the secret key to mass media purchasing and top affiliate conversions.

    Buy media for 2K, make 4K. LOLLLLL. Yes, LOLLL! Buying media is hard and expensive work - converting it is even harder!
  • Product development. Creating a product, digital or physical, is a NIGHTMARE! Not just that, it mostly doesn't pay off. Most product vendors make less from the sale of the product they worked so hard to develop, than a NORMAL 9-5 minimal wage employee. Yes, it's THAT bad!
  • Affiliate marketing. Making money as an affiliate marketer requires 1. money, and 2. more money! But mostly...
    A LOT of money to make just "some" money! Sorry for stressing the point of "money" so much, but it is what it is... and YOU have to understand that. Over 99% of affiliate marketing systems are useless. That's a FACT.
  • CPA cash. Go to Google, type in "CPA cash" or "CPA affiliate commission" and you will get more results than you can read in 2 weeks! Yes, the niche is HYPED to death!


    ...If you're a newbie in this business, you'll most likely believe that it's possible to make money with CPA offers (you know... name+email, long forms, 2 page submit, etc). But it's NOT! We truly hope, yes... HOPE, that you never have to experience how hard and BRUTAL it is to #1. JOIN a CPA network, and #2. WITHSTAND their scams when it comes to your traffic stats (sent to their offers).
  • Twitter (sh-mitter!). We won't even go into Twitter marketing as there hasn't been even ONE online marketer who's provided REAL proof that it's possible to make money with them. NOT even ONE! You WILL find tens of eBooks on the subject... we bought most of them and 1. much is re-hashed info. 2. what isn't re-hashed is completely USELESS info that looks good on paper but is slightly less effective than a chocolate teapot in real life.
  • Wasting money on desktop software that works one day and fails the next... but, most importantly, only does a quarter of the job. No software on the internet is capable of doing what our App does: providing a 100% automatic solution for free traffic and money.
  • Being scammed by useless eBooks.
  • Useless Pay Per View (PPV) campaigns.
  • Hard to implement (and mostly unprofitable) social media strategies.
  • JV partner-based launches (or JV partners for any purpose for that matter!).
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which, by the way, really only works for less than 1% of the marketers who spent a lot of money and time building and maintaining the right SEO strategy.


Proving The Proof...

That's the essence of what we are and the nature of what we do... and the basis of what we deliver. Complete transparency in the automated IM web traffic industry. COMPLETE readiness for consumer scrutiny... that's what YOU'LL get with the MT App™...

So, what does "proving the proof" mean?

Quite simple...

...we allow (sorry, we INSIST that!) every single person visiting our website views our users' real-time MT Online App stats (and we stress the term real-time) and verify for themselves what really MATTERS:

1. Every single free unique visitor generated.

2. The fact that each free unique visitor (again, we stress the word FREE because it won't cost you a single cent to generate these unique visitors) generates close to 40 cents of free income.

3. The fact that our MT Online App users are targeting over 213 Nano-Niches (yes, we're the only ones to reveal the Nano-Niches on our website... and we're proud of it!)

Yes... it's all about proving the proof!


- It is NOT enough to show fancy ClickBank or PayPal screenshots (if you don't know that these can be Photoshopped, or if not Photoshopped, related to JV-backed product launches!), then you have a lot to learn about how scam marketers operate. 

- It is NOT enough to show traffic stats that are 1. doctored by professional graphic designers, 2. if not doctored and altered, only correspond to a product that was launched by a Guru marketer with an army of JV affiliates. Again, CRAP, B.S. ...scamming the consumer.

- It is NOT enough to show a great VIDEO (Hollywood style!) hyping the Hell out of the product with predominantly false advertising.

If you've been around this niche for a while then you've already seen it ALL...

Fancy screen-shots, great stats, eye-catching charts and graphics, etc. ...that is NOT performance proof! The only thing these things prove is the graphic designers' and vendors' ability to VISUALLY scam you!

Bottom line...

No matter what product you decide to buy, real-time performance PROOF is the one and ONLY thing that matters.

We're all sick and tired of seeing

what's going on in this industry:

EVERY SINGLE WEEK... yes, e-v-e-r-y single week...

...a new software, system, service, eBook, promise, etc. appears on the market:

- Impressive product names (mostly, the word cash or commission attached to catchy terms used in Hollywood Sci-Fi or action movies!)...

- Impressive claims (but ONLY claims... mostly empty ones!)...

- Impressive guarantees (mostly ILLEGAL, and we mean that)...

- Impressive hype (it's always been around... BUT, Internet Marketing vendors have given it a brand new meaning!)...

- Outrageous promises (a promise isn't a bad thing... as long as it's backed up by REAL proof)...

- Unbelievable performance (do you know what the real difference is between real-time statistics performance and a Broadway performance? Simple... ACTORS!)

But NONE... and we repeat... N-O-N-E will go the "golden" extra mile!

That's right...

No vendor/marketer (be it of software, eBooks, services, systems, etc.) will go that extra "golden" mile.

And what is that extra "golden" mile?

What is that little step EVERY single vendor could easily take to PROVE to YOU that their product is as good as he or she claims, but "neglects" to do so?

Very simple...

Real-time statistics of visitors to the websites of marketers using that product - updated every single second and readily available for viewing and scrutiny by every one on the vendor's website.

I am inviting you to join us and ----- satisfied MT App Online users,

But I have to warn you.  You've NEVER seen anything like what I'm about to show you.  You should prepare yourself to see technology that's so close to science fiction that it'll boggle your mind.

It's called Mass Traffic App and it exists...

But first, I need to set the record straight and upset some very powerful people.

Right now, I'm going to give you a very special gift:

It's called a B.S. Detector.

With Your B.S. Detector you'll be able to spot a phony product with just one glance.  This B.S. Detector is 100% accurate and you can use it to check any product (YES, even this one!).  It'll save you hours of frustration and thousands of dollars.

It works with a simple test...

Go to any so-called miracle money-making or traffic generating product site and look for that:


That's right - if it's a traffic generator, look for actual stats showing the product delivering traffic to real people. If you can't see the software working in real-time then it's not worth your money. 

Warning! Crappy ClickBank screenshots won't cut it anymore. Scans of paychecks can be faked. You've worked too hard for your money to flush it down the toilet paying for garbage that doesn't work.

Below is a live feed of stats from actual MT App users and the traffic (REAL TRAFFIC) they have been generating:

Last 24h
Last Month

Fetching Real-Time Stats Data...


OH... by the way, we also expose (as you can see above) the niches and nano-niches that our MT App users are generating traffic in (and profiting from) on a daily basis.

The traffic numbers are real. The people are real.  The niches are real.  And this information is being delivered directly to your screen in real-time!

This is the PROOF that you deserve.  If you don't get it then you can stand on your chair and scream B.S. at the top of your voice.


MT App Is The Most Sophisticated Artificially
Intelligent Marketing Concierge In The World...
And It's Hardwired To Make You Rich

What I'm about to show you is the holy grail of Internet Marketing.

For the last 15 years, smart marketers have been searching for free traffic that can be attracted by the truckload... every day.

Google helped with Google Adwords.  But Adwords quickly became too expensive and too complicated for everyday use.

Others used blog farms and article networks.  These worked for a short time but the latest Google Panda change has killed these schemes forever.

Some have decided to go underground and try shady, barely ethical search engine techniques that will break and be banned.

Every one of these schemes fail because they require a human being to make hundreds of decisions that takes time, energy, and money.

That's why most online marketers are:

Broke: Most online marketers are going bankrupt trying to pay Google with maxed-out credit cards

Exhausted: Most “systems” require overworked people to go home and write articles, set-up blog posts, scour ClickBank, write sales letters and other nonsense that just sucks the life out of them

Overwhelmed: Everyone seems to have “the answer”. Some say Google is the answer, others Facebook, some say blogs.  It's confusing and puts most people into the fetal position crying for momma


18 months ago I asked a simple question -

"Why can't one app handle the thousands of decisions needed to find a niche, set-up a traffic magnet site, and direct that traffic to a central hub?"

I became obsessed with answering this question.

The good news for you is that my partners and I cracked the code (more about that in a minute)...

But I Had to Totally RETHINK
How Money Is Made Online...

Every online guru preaches that you need to make big money with every sale.  Their favorite pick-up lines are:

1. The Home-Study Hustle

They tell you to create gargantuan home study courses full of CDs, eBooks, audio podcasts and videos.  The tell you to go big because you'll be able to charge hundreds of dollars.

This school of thought says that you have to make your money from overcharging a few desperate customers.

News Flash:  This doesn't work for 80% of internet marketers out there...


2. Continuity-Scams

Another group of people insist that you need to set-up complicated membership websites. 

They tell you to spend months filling a private website with hours of video and other goodies.  You then charge someone a monthly fee to access the stuff.

What they don't tell you is that you have to work like a dog to keep your members satisfied.  You also have to bleed money buying traffic to keep your membership growing. 

It's a vicious cycle that never quits.

The real path to making a solid, sustainable, low stress income isn't based on expensive products. 

In fact, the answer is the exact opposite.

If you want to make money online you need to earn
micro-payments from thousands of transactions.

You see, in order to sell low priced products, you need to have a healthy number of sales.

To get sales you need traffic.

No-one talks about this because no-one else has cracked the traffic problem.

We have...

But let me tell you something that does work...

Affiliate Marketing CAN Work if You Know This Secret

Affiliate Marketing is darn close to being the perfect online money-making machine.  The problem is that it's extremely difficult to find enough traffic to keep your commission checks coming in.

If you can solve the traffic problem then you can set-up a dozen hands-free affiliate sites and collect your checks.

That's not all.

You have to generate enough traffic to make money from low-priced products.

In this economy no-one wants to pay hundreds of dollars for ANYTHING.  But they will pay $5, $10, $15 dollars for a product they need.

These affiliate products help you earn “micro-commissions” that scale exponentially with your traffic.

This is the real-secret to making mega-cash from Affiliate sales.

Basically, send hordes of free traffic to sites where people are happy to make “impulse purchases”

The Online Dream Killer...
And How To Kick It In the Teeth

It took me years to learn this... so I'll save you the wait and the grief.

The #1 killer of online businesses is advertising costs.

It's disgusting but Google makes over $3 billion a year from inexperienced online marketers chasing a dream that will never come true.

In fact, the folks at Google admit that they charge a “stupid tax!”  

  • You pay the stupid tax when you can't figure out how to build a site that makes Google more money from advertising and sending traffic to your website.
  • You pay a stupid tax if you aren't an expert at creating Google ads.
  • You pay a stupid tax if you aren't a mega-corporation that can spend millions of dollars in consulting fees.

Paying for traffic steals your profits and stops you from growing your business. 

Unless you have millions to blow then stop chasing the pay-per-click pipe dream...

My friend... do me a favor...

Don't pay Google another dime of your hard earned money until you've read every word of this special report.  You won't regret it.  I promise.

How the Web's First Real-Time
Traffic Generation App Was Born

My name is Danny Kay and I've been uncovering secret traffic goldmines since 1997. 

I was an early user of Bulletin Board Systems on Prodigy and Compuserve. 

I experimented with banner ads before they were even popular. 

I jumped in with both feet and made a small fortune with Google Adwords. 

Recently, I've lead the charge into the jungles of Facebook Ads and Sponsored tweets.

But my favorite obsession and first love is “free traffic”. 

Let me tell you something...

“I Absolutely Hate Paying For Traffic.”

Every penny I spend on traffic means less money for my family and my growing collection of Detroit Muscle cars.  (Even though I'm a Canadian, I can't get enough of these road beasts.)

To feed my Free Traffic addiction, I've been working on highly secret project. 

My work is so secret is that I refuse to work on it at my office.  I created a new room in my home to hold my research and terabytes of storage (you'll see why in a moment). 

I paid an IT savant over $12,000 to create a impenetrable firewall to protect my data. Almost all of the profits from my dozens of highly profitable businesses have been shovelled into my quest.

All this to build something called a Traffic Map.

Right now, I've mapped over 1 billion websites that are responsible for about 72% of the world's most valuable traffic.  Each of these sites offers access to targeted visitors for free.

You see the challenge isn't converting traffic into cash. 

The real hurdle is finding the traffic.

My Traffic Map was the first step to leaping this hurdle... but in the pit of my stomach I knew that it wasn't enough.

I could have easily sold my Traffic Map for tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of people.  But I felt it was lacking something big. I racked my brain for weeks trying to see where I'd come up short.

Frustrated, I decided to visit the exotic shores of Thailand.

Although I needed the vacation, my objective was different...

I was on a mission to meet a man I thought could help me with my problem.

His name is Roger Sherman and he had been on my radar screen for a while - for good reason...

The 2nd Piece Of The Free Traffic
Puzzle Falls Into Place

I call Roger Sherman - “Mr. Money”

Roger is a Venture Capitalist (VC) who's made more millionaires in his short career than the American Lottery.

This guy is wicked smart and is a legend in high-technology circles. 

Most of his companies sell for hundreds of millions within a few years and he's so well connected that a single meeting with him can cost thousands of dollars per hour.

I'd been trying to meet him for months but could never quite match up our schedules but he'd heard a little about my Traffic Map from a close acquaintance and expressed interest.

When I learned that he was on his way to Thailand for a business vacation, I decided to go myself to see if I could snatch 15 minutes of his time.

Through a stroke of luck, I found myself standing behind Roger as we boarded the flight to Thailand from LAX.

Breathlessly, I introduced myself and was happy to see his eyes light up as he made the connection.  He smiled broadly saying “Ahh - The Traffic Map Man!”

As soon as we boarded, I negotiated with a passenger to switch seats, putting me next to Roger for the 18 hours flight to Thailand.

For hours we discussed, argued (sometimes heatedly) my approach for a totally new way to build online businesses with “free traffic”. 

Roger was brutal - he went for the jugular, pushing me to make my idea even better.  I felt that I was being interrogated and coached by the world's top business master.

Just an hour before we landed, Roger finally gave his blessing to my idea WITH ONE Caveat

I needed to find a world-class software programmer to turn my map into a lightning fast, ultra-secure, and reliable web application.

Both Roger and I agreed that the new product we had sketched out wouldn't be a desktop app that was prone to break or go obsolete in a few months.

We wanted a sophisticated, web-based learning app that would learn as fast as the web changes.

Roger promised me that if I found the right engineer then he would be happy to partner with me.


Geoff the German -
A Programming Legend Straight From The Movies

I'm constantly on the lookout for programming geniuses. 

My business depends on finding people who can work computers like Yo Yo Ma can play a cello. 

I've no use for people who are just “good at computers”.  I'm looking for people who can design the Matrix in their free time and design their own hardware from scratch.

Over the years, I listened to hushed rumors about a programmer called “G” or Geoff the German.  His exploits were legendary and I heard he rarely had to program for money anymore because his apps were already making him a ridiculous amount of cash.

After Roger and my epic business planning session, I thought that Geoff would be perfect for the project.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I got an email from Geoff asking to meet at Roger's bungalow! 

It seems that Geoff regularly spends his summers in Thailand and regularly met with Roger to discuss technology.

Roger had contacted him and asked him to come over to “vet” our little scheme.

I quickly grabbed my laptop, backpack full of notes, and caught a taxi to Roger's private bungalow.

When I got there, Geoff was huddled over a laptop typing furiously. Roger pulled me aside and told me to get straight to the point and not to bullshit Geoff.  If I did, Geoff would leave and never call me back again.

A little intimidated I sat across from Geoff and hit him with my best line ever...

“Geoff, This App Will Be Your Greatest Achievement. It'll kick the entire Online Market Industry in the balls and You'll Get All Of The Credit for Changing How Everyone Does Business Online”

He looked at me for a solid 60 seconds, grunted, and said in precise English...

"Show Me Your Map"

Over the next 72 hours, Geoff and I barely slept.

Roger told us to stay at the Bungalow and he made sure that we were well supplied with energy drinks, margaritas, lobster tails, sticky notes, and power bars.

I taught Geoff everything I know about finding free traffic all over the web, how to automatically create profiles, and how to get the traffic flowing to any website.

Geoff absorbed everything like a sponge... grunted and started hammering his Toshiba Qosmio laptop that he lovingly called “Q”.

I watched in amazement as Geoff prototyped the Mass Traffic App App right from the beach deck. 

While he worked, Roger and I discussed how we would unveil MTA to the world.

As Geoff programmed, Roger added ingenious features that made our software appeal to even the most die-hard marketing cynic.  But it was Geoff who put Mass Traffic App way over the top...

How Mass Traffic App Can Flood YOU With Over 2,000
(calculated from our REAL-TIME stats!) FREE visitors per day

It's called the Dark Net and it lives just below the public Internet.

The Dark Net is made up of less popular sites that don't get headlines in Wired Magazine.  They're simple websites that are fantastically popular with small groups of people.

All together, these Dark Net sites generate 11x the traffic of their more glitzy cousins. 

The Mass Traffic App taps into this Dark Net and cleverly siphons off traffic to any website we choose.

Look at the traffic numbers below:

Last 24h
Last Month

Fetching Real-Time Stats Data...



You should already be familiar with the above table BUT, if not:

What it does is quite simple: all our MT App users report to our server providing us with real-time traffic stats. We then take those stats and present them to YOU so you can see what others are experiencing and what type of FREE traffic levels they are getting with the online app.

The numbers are real... the profit is real... and yes, our app is UNIQUE!

Our users say they never saw anything like this (as you can read from the REAL-TIME testimonials on this page) and, by now, you can understand why.


Please pay VERY CLOSE attention here as this is very important.

From our correspondence with hundreds of our happy customers, we managed to gain further insights into how much money people are making with our app.

We were happy to hear what you are about to see... BUT, we weren't amazed! Why weren't we amazed? Quite simple...

...because we KNOW the capabilities of the MT App!

We know how much free traffic it can bring to each user... and we know how much money it can generate for them.

Right now, you're seeing 1000s of visitors being routed to our member sites in just a few hours. Over 30 days, this torrent swells to over 2.3 million visitors.

If you get the same traffic as our average App user gand make 45 cents per visitor... heck, forget about 45 cents, let's say 25 cents from each one (actually 99% of our App users convert at a bit over 30 cents)...

...You'd be making around $7.50 per day per Nano-Niche!

And if you think that's not a lot, consider that over 99% of our App users operate in more than 13 Nano-Niches (actually, over 60% operate the App in more than 25 Nano-Niches!)

It may take you minute to get your head around this.

But it's true.  Run the calculations yourself.  Remember - all of the traffic data shown above is reported in Real-Time.  We aren't fudging the numbers.  Real members are watching this traffic hit their websites right now.

The Largest Artificially Intelligent Neural Network
Outside Of The Pentagon

Every second a new visitor is redirected through a hyper-intelligent network housed in a bland concrete building in a warehouse park. 

The network runs blazingly fast and is the nerve center that connects Mass Traffic App members across the globe. Security is extreme.  Not even I have total access to the system.

Why the secrecy?

Simply put, the Mass Traffic App's brain is a sophisticated artificial Neural Network with processing power rivalling the human brain.

Geoff's stroke of genius was creating a free, real-time traffic app that can learn.

Every moment, Mass Traffic App is analyzing millions of sites and studying their traffic potential. 

When it finds a promising site, it predicts how much traffic it will generate.

Spam sites are trashed. 

Traffic honey pots are kept and their characteristics are added to the Mass Traffic App program. 

This means that Mass Traffic App gets smarter every second - and it's been learning for the last 6 months!

Our members can watch the App get smarter every day as the volume of free traffic climbs daily.

That's not all - Mass Traffic App has another ace up its sleeve:

The End Of Desktop Software... And Why You'll Never Need To Buy Another Internet Marketing Tool - Ever!

From the beginning, Geoff, Roger, and I agreed to not build another piece of desktop software.

In fact, we hate your standard piece of software.

Instead, we created a Web-based App that automatically learns and updates itself using information shared between hundreds of members.

The more members come onboard, the faster it learns, and the more money you'll make.

The Mass Traffic App never sleeps, never needs updating, never goes obsolete.  Tomorrow, the App will be faster, more precise, and more profitable than it was today.

It's scary when you think about it.

The App will always pursue its mission... to make you rich.  And you couldn't turn it off if you wanted to.

Mass Traffic App is the Final Nail in
the Conventional Software Coffin

Read this and tell me why the Hell anyone would buy another shrink-wrapped box of software...


Web-Based App

Conventional Software


24/7 real-time server connection

99% of the time, no server connection


Constantly self-learning and adapting (i.e. artificial intelligence)

Pre-fixed working logic, no change, no adaptation


Intelligence automatically derived from the whole MTA community

Stand alone, will never auto-communicate with other users


Supported by a powerful network of servers and computers

Has only the resources of your PC


Updates itself AT LEAST 7 times per day so the software you use will be up to date all the time

Rarely updates itself


Live dashboard reflecting live performance

Does not even support performance monitoring!


Compatible with ALL operating systems (i.e. Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc)

Usually works only on Windows


Accessible from any spot on the planet

Accessible only from one licensed computer

Programming languages

A combination of several programming languages

Only one programming language

What works TODAY

Every morning knows what will work today

Knows what worked 100 days ago (or whenever the software was produced)!


Allows community sharing (benefit of social efforts)

No community sharing, zero social contribution

Multi-language usage

Automatic multi-language usage

Restricted to one language

From the road!

You can access it on the road from any mobile phone or table (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

Only from your desktop


The software is on our server so your computer is not at risk from all the malware and viruses floating around

Usually this kind of software collects data from your machine and puts your personal information at risk -  it can ALSO CONTAIN VIRUSES

Data protection

Your data is protected and backed up on our server

If your computer malfunctions all your configuration and history is gone!!!!

100% FREE traffic

Free and a LOT of it! As long as the net exists, you get FREE traffic.

We have never seen software delivering free traffic (and we bought EVERY single software solution we could find)


Delivering OVER $0.30 per FREE unique visitor (unimaginable!)

Delivering NOTHING! Well, not exactly nothing... a BIG headache and a real need for a refund!


Mass Traffic App requires no installation or set-up.  It's completely ready to start pumping targeted free traffic your way the moment you become a member. 

One more thing...

We Are Not Selling You a Tool (Far From It!)...
We Are Giving You Access to Instant FREE Traffic
And Automatic
of That FREE Traffic

(There's a Big Difference!)

Most internet marketing gurus just drop a piece of software in your hands and hope that you don't ask for a refund.  There's little to no support. They don't care how well you're doing. They just want to make their money and run for the hills.

We can't work that way.

Since every single stat and customer review is immediately available on the Mass Traffic App website, we can't hide from poor results.

All our cards are on the table.

That's why we regularly check-in with our members and see how we are doing.
We want to make sure that the traffic we're sending is turning into profits and commissions.

We're not blowing smoke here.

You are super valuable to us and we won't ever take you for granted.  These phone calls prove that.

Pick Any Niche, Watch The Traffic Roll In, Deposit Your Commission Checks - Rinse and Repeat - It Really Is That Simple

Mass Traffic App is all you'll ever need to drive quality traffic to your website.

Making money is now as easy as taking 3 simple steps:

Step #1: Decide What You Want to Sell

I suggest you head over to and pick a product.  Any product.  For fun, pick something that you're interested in.  It can be dog training, weightlifting, growing cucumbers.  It doesn't matter.  Just pick a product that's affordable and pays at least 50% in commissions.

Step #2: Tell the Mass Traffic App where to direct your traffic.

After entering your URL, your website is put in the free traffic rotation.  As the Mass Traffic App finds traffic, it immediately routes it to individual members sites.

Step #3: Watch Your Traffic Grow in Real-Time

Mass Traffic App will show you your traffic from a real-time dashboard directly within the App.  Over time, your App will become smarter as it learns how to find better and better traffic for your site.

That's it.

All you have to do is decide what you want to sell and how much you want to make.

Mass Traffic App does the rest!

Once You're Up and Running - You'll Wonder Why Everyone Else Is Struggling With Online Marketing

Mass Traffic App makes it ridiculously easy to make money online.

Here's a glimpse at a few of the benefits:

Fully Enabled Web-Based App: Mass Traffic App is a web-based app that's ready to use immediately - you'll start seeing traffic coming to any site you choose within minutes

Full Access to Millions of Free Visitors:  As a member, you'll get a steady supply of quality traffic routed to your website - you'll never have to pay for visitors again!

Self-Learning Neural Network Algorithm:  Watch Mass Traffic App drive more targeted and more profitable traffic to your websites every day

Automatic and Instant Updates: Mass Traffic App takes care of itself - the Web App will automatically check our central servers and update all by itself

Real-Time Performance Dashboards:  Watch your traffic statistics in real-time - you can also share your stats and get even more precise reports on how much traffic other members are receiving

100% Compatible With Any Operating System:  Since Mass Traffic App is a Web-based App, all you need is an Internet Connection...  PC or MAC - it doesn't matter - you'll be making money from your free traffic in no time

Completely Secure and Virus Free:  We've built Mass Traffic App to run exclusively on our servers so you only download a simple App that signs you into our secure network... this secure system protects you from malware and viruses - a feature missing from other programs

Run Your Business From Anywhere! Mass Traffic App can be run from any mobile or tablet device (including the iPad) so now you can watch your traffic stats from anywhere!

Full Multi-Language Capability:  Run Mass Traffic App in any language you choose - we add new translations regularly to make the service as convenient as possible

Built-In Social Networking: Write reviews, rate traffic sources, and communicate with fellow Mass Traffic App members directly from the App - make more money as the membership works together

Plus more... our team continually updates Mass Traffic App with more features and your membership entitles you to every update the moment it's ready

You've probably already guessed that Mass Traffic App is probably the most powerful internet marketing tool ever.

I bet you've also realized that everyone will want to get their hands on this powerful tool.

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We've already been offered obscene amounts of money to close down the membership, boot all of our members out and hand over the technology to some Silicon Valley powerhouses.

We've said no because we want to see how powerful this web-based App can get.

So, instead of making it expensive to enroll, we've decided to make the price so low that just about anyone can test MTA for themselves.

Just $47 ... a ONE-TIME Fee

Why so low?

Simple - the more users we have, the smarter and more profitable the MTA App becomes. Every new member gives Mass Traffic App more data to analyze and learn from.

While we already have thousands of members running the software, we want much more.  For now, we want to stuff the membership so that everyone benefits from Mass Traffic App's power.

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We Are 110% Confident In 
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We've just met.  You've read my story and you've been introduced to my partners Roger and Geoff.  I've told you about the most exciting and break-through Internet marketing tool to hit the market in the last 5 years.

However, $47 may still be tough to spend. 

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Understand that we're Taking a HUGE Risk here.

We can't screw up.  We can't rip you off. 
We can't run and hide.  If we do, we're finished.

We've taken all the risk.

All you need to do is say “Maybe” and test Mass Traffic App for yourself.

That's the best deal I can offer.

Are You Ready For Your Life To Change?
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Danny Kay

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